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Our  History 

The Inner City Tennis Project was established in 1986 to provide an affordable tennis experience to children in Greater Cincinnati, with an emphasis on increasing participation of inner-city youth. ICTP offers a program that seeks to provide quality instruction along with a nurturing social environment, which will assist children to achieve personal goals both in the sport of tennis and in life. Over sixty participants have received scholarships to Division I and Division II colleges throughout the United States.

  • Washington University​

  • Coppin State University

  • Ohio State University

  • Capital University

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • Indiana University Bloomington

  • University of Miami (Ohio)

  • University of California Davis

  • Howard University

  • Southern University

  • Florida A&M Johnson C.

  • Smith University

  • Cornell University 

  • Alabama State

  • University of Dayton

  • Wittenberg University

  • Columbia University

  • Ohio University

  • Rollins College

  • Duke University


"To foster the development of citizenship, scholarship and fair play in children aged five to eighteen through the use of tennis training, academic assistance, and a nurturing social environment.

To foster in each child a sense of personal and community responsibility.
To provide children with information and tools to avoid substance abuse, smoking, and violence.


  • To help children achieve success in school

  • To provide nutritional information that will help children learn to practice healthy eating habits

  • To teach children the benefit of an active lifestyle

  • To assist children in securing academic scholarships and athletic grants

  • To enable children to learn and enjoy the lifetime sport of tennis


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How to Contact ICTP

For any Inquiries about Tennis Free Program, dates, and events:

Please call us at: 

(865) 335-3224

Or Email us at

How to Send Us your Generous Donations 

to Donate by mail, Please send checks to the following address below : 

6504 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213, United States of America. 


Please donate to (Inner City Tennis Project).

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