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High Performance Players


$1500 for 10 Weeks / $150 Week


10 Weeks / 3 hours Session

About the Course

This is a High Performance Program introduced to players who are in their tournament Competition phase. Players will learn the advanced methods of shot technique such as Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, and Overhead. Players will also be introduced to higher level of footwork, Physical Training, and agility as the major factor tennis development.

Players will also learn the Patterns of singles and Doubles that are used by most ATP/WTA players, and Top Junior players and in our Modern Era.

Players will also learn about the path of professional Junior players throughout ITF Tournaments.

and most importantly, players will learn about the different types of opportunities US colleges have to offer such as : NCAA D1, D2, and D3, also NAIA D1 and D2, and other small community college divisions.

Your Instructor

Ghassan Al-Ansi

Ghassan Al-Ansi

Ghassan Al-Ansi is the Captain of Yemen Davis Cup team, ITPA, PTR Level 2 certified Tennis coach. Ghassan has been coached and mentored by many professional coaches such as Younes El Aynaoui ( Former 14th ATP Ranked player in 2003) Issam Jellali ( former ATP, Davis Cup player, and current coach of WTA no. 6 Ons Jabeur, Luis Lopes ( Aslan Karatsev's Fitness coach )

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