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Full-Day ( Day Camp & Learning ) Program


$100 / WEEK


11 Weeks

About the Course

This Day Camp focuses on introducing physical activities to the children throughout a series of many games such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. children will also learn about art, history, and science while attending this day camp. this camp also focuses on promoting positive behavior and a respectful social experience.

Your Instructor

Rachel Fair / Tony Pack

Rachel Fair and Tony Pack are both the cofounders of the Inner city Tennis project, they have been serving the community for the past 36 years. they are both certified PTR Professionals. Rachel and Tony have helped numerous inner-city tennis players get to college and compete at the highest level of NCAA. one of their players Justin Stuckey is now the head coach of Saint Louis University a D1 university down in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rachel Fair / Tony Pack
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